What basketball has meant to me lately, years after it meant everything.

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Note: I am a Knicks fan. I have no idea where this Scottie Pippen jersey came from.

In absolute terms, I have never been good at basketball. In relative terms, my peak was around fifth grade, the year I made the All-Star Game of my neighborhood league.

I remember looking over the rosters in the school gym, after our games one week. I was frustrated. My team, the Blue team, had Jaytona, arguably the best player in the league. …

What kind of people willingly break the law to let foreigners sleep on their couch for free? I tried to get the answer from these three residents of Myanmar.

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Photo by Eric Goldschein

One night, many months ago now, I was sitting on a bench outside a hostel in Battambang, Cambodia, talking with a young European couple.

Like me, they were traveling, but they had made a rule for themselves: No paying for transportation or a bed. They would hitchhike and crash with strangers everywhere they went. They cut corners whenever they could. Earlier that day, they’d gone to a nearby temple attraction and claimed to have entered without paying the $1 fee, by just asking.

You wouldn’t believe how much money you save, they said, as they waited for that night’s host to return from a friend’s house with some couch cushions they planned to lay across the floor and use as a bed. …

The hidden -and quite often surprising- value in understanding what we do with time.

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Photo by Icons8 team on Unsplash

We’ve all heard the cliches: Time is valuable. Time is our most precious commodity. We’ve even seen the studies: A time-saving purchase makes people happier than a material purchase.

And yet, most people avoid actually taking the time to, well, track their time. It’s understandable: For decades, if not longer, people have been using crude, unpleasant means to keep track of what they’re doing — spreadsheets, handwritten tables, or mental notes. Filling out a timesheet at the end of each week can be arduous and unfulfilling.

But like many areas of our lives, technological improvements — mainly powered by the apps on our smartphones and other smart wearables — have made it easier to keep track of how we’re spending our time, both at the office and around-the-clock. …


Eric Goldschein

I’m a freelance writer originally from Brooklyn. I write about travel mostly but also business and “culture.” I hope you like what you read. ericgoldschein.com

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