On Donald Trump walking back his “Nazis are bad” statement, for some reason, at Trump Tower today

Donald Trump didn’t have to be the worst president of all time. I mean, he was always going to be, but it didn’t have to be like this. (There was a time when I was — well, not hopeful, but maybe cautiously optimistic. Like when the Knicks traded for Eddy Curry and I thought, well, ya know, he is good at scoring the basketball. See how that worked out? Isiah Thomas is the Steve Bannon of the 2000s Knicks.) He could have just cut taxes for his family and been a corrupt phony (not unlike a lot of other presidents, in many places, to be fair) and pushed the conservative agenda like any good GOP party leader.

But now he’s, for some reason, trying to defend Nazis and Confederates and white supremacists, as well as create an “alt-left” straw man that he can point to rather than address the real issue. Dude, you’re a real estate broker from Queens with a Jewish son-in-law, why are you getting involved in this shit? You don’t fucking care about Robert E. Lee — I have serious doubts you even knew who he was before Saturday. Why get caught up in this backwards, uninformed (not to mention racist and hateful) bullshit? Why worry about which bathroom transgender people use? Why try to downsize national monuments? Why let these pointless side quests distract from actually getting things done? I think infrastructure investment is fine. Why not make that happen?

I suppose two reasons: One, while he stands at the podium and excuses the KKK, his cronies at the EPA and Homeland Security and the Justice Department and his judges and his aides are quietly dismantling the progress of the last eight years and instituting regressive policies, and it’s just too much to think about all at once. It’s masterful media manipulation. And two — and I never really wanted to believe this, I guess, but I think it’s true — he knows that these people are his true “base.” They got him elected. He rode their hatred and discontent to power. He could turn his back on them now that he’s in office, as so many politicians do, but he thinks as long as he keeps these people in his pocket, the GOP will deliver the rest of the voters and he’ll stay in office.

I just thought of a third reason: He’s really, really dumb. He may know how to play media clown, but dominate the gossip column is all he’s ever done. He’s ignorant. He doesn’t read. He doesn’t learn. And like most dumb people, he isn’t willing to learn what he doesn’t know.

Sadly, in many ways, he’s the perfect president for our times. It’s too bad there are so many other people living in this country who don’t deserve to be represented and talked down to and marginalized by such a piece of shit, but this is what happens when you stop paying attention. Too many of us took our hands off the wheel and now our most vulnerable populations are paying the price.

The context for this, by the way:


I’m a freelance writer originally from Brooklyn. I write about travel mostly but also business and “culture.” I hope you like what you read. ericgoldschein.com

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