Postcards to Politicians, 4/21/17: To David Perdue, on Healthcare

I haven’t been a Georgia resident for long, so sometimes it’s still difficult to wrap my head around the fact that the two people who represent me in the U.S. Senate are a conservative Republican and a slightly less conservative Republican. I was spoiled by Chuck Schumer for too long.

So, though I’ve called the offices of David Perdue a few times in recent months, I figured I should reach out to him with a postcard this week. Perdue is well-known in Georgia these days for being hard to find. You won’t find him holding a town hall meeting anytime soon. I’m sure he has legitimate reasons for that (agoraphobia?).

Here’s what I wrote. I once again went with a national parks postcard, because I have a bunch of them. This one is of a park in Maine. I doubt David Perdue has ever been to Maine, but he’s from Macon, which also starts with an M, so that’s something.

Image for post
Image for post
I couldn’t get a good shot of this for some reason. But, anyway, the front: Acadia National Park, Maine

Senator Perdue,

I appreciated your recent claim that you’d work with Democrats on healthcare. Your party, led by Donald Trump, seems content to let certain the ACA “blow up” rather than fix its issues for political points.

Let’s be real: The ACA was kneecapped during its inception by Republicans, and has since been sabotaged in various ways, such as de-funding the risk corridors. It has often looked to me like Republicans were more interested in saving money for the rich than providing for the poor.

If you feel differently, I urge you to work with Democrats and members of your party who would rather break than bend. Your constituents (whom I know you’d like to avoid) want progress, not… whatever it is you do all day in Washington. Cash Koch checks?

Please do your job,

Eric Goldschein, ATL GA 30307

I’m a freelance writer originally from Brooklyn. I write about travel mostly but also business and “culture.” I hope you like what you read.

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