Postcards to Politicians, 5/5/17: To Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, David Perdue, Johnny Isakson And A Few Other Republicans, On The ACHA

Plus, a thank you note to John Lewis

Yesterday, 217 House Republicans passed the so-called American Health Care Act, their attempt at replacing Obamacare with a bill that caters to the rich, hurts the poor, and in some cases makes it possible for women who were victims of sexual assault to lose their coverage due to their “pre-existing condition.”

There’s a lot wrong with this bill. Here’s a roundup of its worst offenses — including massive cuts to Medicare and waiving essential services like maternity care and ambulance rides. Here’s a bunch of hospitals, doctors and insurers speaking out against it. Here are the results of a study that show how damaging this bill could be. There’s plenty more where that came from.

Just as frustrating to me as the content of this gutless piece of legislation was the sleazy, underhanded way it was rammed through the House without proper analysis or debate. The full revised text of the bill was only made available to lawmakers on the day of the vote. This was done to appease Donald Trump and finally get “a win” for the Republican side. Their gloating press conference in the Rose Garden afterwards was confirmation that all these people care about is themselves.

In response, a few friends helped me put together some illustrated postcards to send to our representatives, Trump, Paul Ryan, and a few other Georgia lawmakers. There were some dark feelings flowing through the colored pencils, so be warned, some of these are graphic. Hopefully they get the message across.

(Skipped posting both sides this time because that’s a lot of pictures, but as always the text of each one is posted below.)

Rep. Paul Ryan


My friends and I are sending out a number of these illustrated postcards today. I saved this one for you, because I think it’s fitting.

You are the dick on the other side of this card. You are fucking us. Your hypocrisy and cowardice is stunning. I can’t remember the last time I was so appalled by a politician’s craven attempts to curry favor, even if it meant passing a bill with zero merit.

You are the worst of the bunch because I believe you know better. Trump is a moron. The Freedom Caucus is full of ideological zealots. But you know that your bill is a sham. You know that you DON’T know how it will affect millions of people, because you didn’t wait for a CBO score, real analysis, or allow the finer points of the bill — or anything about the bill — to be debated.

Shame on you. You are a disgrace to your office, and history will not look kindly upon the way you caved and, essentially, killed your fellow Americans.


Eric Goldschein

Sen. Johnny Isakson


You represent me in the Senate. I’m writing you today to ask you to vote down the AHCA, which was passed by 217 of your, frankly, shameful colleagues in the House. Repealing the ACA, just to do it, will mean real lasting repercussions for the people of our state and beyond. People will lose their coverage. People will die. That is truth — real truth, not alternative fact.

I have problems with the ACA. My healthcare plan isn’t great. But passing this bill, which is certifiably worse in every way, is not the answer. You can do better.

Thank you,

Eric Goldschein

Sen. David Perdue


“I believe that we should promote a culture that values life and protects the innocent.” You said that. It was in regards to being “pro-life.” That phrase, as I see it, doesn’t just extend to abortion. It should extend to all beings, especially those who are living, breathing, walking, talking — voting — human beings.

If you agree, you will vote against the AHCA, which guts protections for those with preexisting conditions, makes insurance less comprehensive, cuts a quarter of Medicaid’s budget, and will leave millions of people under-or-un-insured. Be consistent in your values and I’ll have a lot more respect for you.


Eric Goldschein

Donald Trump


I’ve been polite to you in past postcards, but I’m done with that shit. You’re an asshole. You didn’t win. You haven’t “won” since you entered office. Oh, you nominated a Supreme Court justice for a stolen seat, good fucking job. The fact that you’re patting yourself on the back for shepherding a thoughtless, piece of shit attempt at healthcare reform through the House with zero Democratic votes is pathetic.

This AHCA bill hurts the poor and helps the rich. Why am I not surprised?

You better savor your fake wins while you can. We’re coming for you in 2018.


Eric Goldschein

Mike Pence


I sent you this card because I think you need a wake-up call. Nice job jerking yourself off in the Rose Garden yesterday with your master and your cronies. It will be a short-lived victory.

You claim to be “pro-life” but supporting bill will force people off of health insurance, cut their access to Medicare, and leave them vulnerable. Do you only care about life when it’s unborn?

The AHCA cuts Planned Parenthood funding. PP provides health services for millions of women across the country. Cutting their funding, which goes towards contraception, will actually INCREASE abortions. And if you cut off people’s access to safe abortions, guess what? Self-abortions will increase. Do your research. You’re not saving anyone. You’re putting more lives at risk.

Your dogmatic reasoning has no place in the White House.

Think about it,

Eric Goldschein

Rep. Jody Hice


You are not my representative. I live nearby in the 5th. But I want to express my extreme disappointment with your AHCA vote.

You claim this bill will lower premiums, stabilize markets, and cover preexisting conditions. I think you know that’s all a lie. Many people will not be able to “choose” whether they have healthcare because it will now be too expensive. How are poor and elderly people supposed to survive when they’re charged tens of thousands a year in premiums under your bill? Their “choice” will be made for them. Actual analysis of the bill shows that to be the case.

You put party and ideology over country. I will do everything I can to make sure you lose your seat come re-election time.



Rep. Rob Woodall


You are not my representative. I live nearby in the 5th. But I want to express my profound disappointment in your decision to back the AHCA.

Your statement of support fails to mention coverage of pre-existing conditions. I find that telling.

Under the AHCA, rape can be considered a pre-existing condition. Where do you draw the line? I see Republicans voted to exempt the care they use from this new plan. Is this plan not good enough for you? If not, why is it good enough for the people of Georgia?

Kill this bill or I will do everything I can to support your challenger when elections come around.


Eric Goldschein

I had to do Paul Ryan again

Dear Paul,

Here’s another one for you.

Nice job passing a bill that can penalize women for being victims of assault, domestic abuse, and rape. I hope you’re happy with your hollow victory.

Next time don’t rush a very important bill through the House without careful deliberation. President Obama extended you that courtesy, despite your claims otherwise, and you did the exact opposite when it was your turn.

You’ve established yourself as an enemy to the poor, the sick, women, and decent people everywhere with your sad attempt at governance. I hope your billionaire lobbyist friends are happy. That was sarcasm, I don’t, you’re terrible.


Eric Goldschein

Rep. John Lewis

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for, as usual, standing on the right side of history. Thank you for voting no on the AHCA and fighting for your district. It was a terrible bill and hopefully the Senate will kill it.

As a constituent, I am grateful for you.

Take care,

Eric Goldschein

ATL, GA 30307

I’m a freelance writer originally from Brooklyn. I write about travel mostly but also business and “culture.” I hope you like what you read.

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